Homemade Cashew Milk

The first time I made homemade nut milk it was with cashews. I decided on cashews because they do not require any extra tools for my already compact kitchen. The only tool I needed was my blender, and I use that every day so it was only natural that this was the one I chose to pick. AND DID I MENTION IT’S SO EASY. EEAASSSSYYY.
I hopped on the homemade nut milk train after I realized that not only do many or most milks have added sweeteners, but they also will use thickeners a lot of the time like xanthan gum which is basically glucose and lactose and totally unneeded for my personal way of eating.

Cashew Milk.jpg

Cashew Milk.0.JPG

Makes: 32 ounces or at least 4 cups

Takes: Soaking + 5 minutes to rinse and blend



1 cup of unsalted or seasoned cashews (buy the halves and pieces – they’re way cheaper)

6 cups of filtered or purified water

1/4 teaspoon pink sea salt

1/2 teaspoon cinnamon



Rinse off your cashews and drain them. Then let them soak overnight in sealed container with 2 cups of purified water to sprout and swell with moisture to create a creamy no-filler no-thickener milk.

Now that you’ve soaked your cashews you may now drain them. Next blend 1 cup of water, the salt, cinnamon, and all the cashews until it becomes nice and creamy. Do NOT blend all 4 cups of water at the same time because with that extra water the cashews just kind of bob around and get chunky and not creamy.

Now add the last three cups of water, blend, and enjoy!


*Note: I have tried baking with this and it works great!


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