Chocolate Dipped Banana Flavored Sorbet

This recipe is actually so easy I barely even got any pictures because all of a sudden it was finished and done with! I made it for National Ice Cream Day 2017 but since this recipe is actually dairy free and does not use any type of cream, I’m going to label it as a sorbet. The taste is basically self  explanatory. It’s just like eating a frozen banana that’s been dipped in melted chocolate and placed in the freezer to wait for you once you’re ready. It’s magical.
Makes: Up to 4 servings
Takes: 5 minutes (not including freeze time)
2.5 cups of ice cubes of frozen coconut milk (one ice cube tray full)
1.5 cups of frozen banana chunks (about 1.5 bananas)
1 tbsp vanilla
2 tbsp cacao nibs
Blend for 2-3 minutes or until texture is at the desired consistency. You may have to move the mixture around since it is so incredibly thick.
Optional: Add more cacao or chocolate and/or nut butter on top.
You can store this a number of different ways. I tested all of them to make sure they work. One can of course eat it right away, but if you want leftovers or end up having leftovers there are a couple of options. The recommended one would be to smooth it out into a sealed container and use an ice cream scooper to get it out. You can also put the sorbet into little serving bowls and cover them, then get them out of the freezer whenever you’re ready to enjoy it; but wait about 15-20 minutes so it can soften before eating. Since you should already have an ice cube tray out from the coconut milk it might be worth it to smooth the leftovers into the cubes and then pop them out and blend them when you’re ready for it as a third option.
I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream sorbet!?

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