Tea and Honey Bears

Capital Teas has been helping me up my tea game lately. They introduced me to their Tea Love Subscription box with three different teas to sip on the next few weeks. Stepping into a Capital Teas location is incredible – it smells like a field of flowers and pure goodness – so if you are local to to the D.C, Maryland, and Virginia area then it’s worth it to go in, but fear not, they ship to your home as well. Use my code ‘TEAEYES’ for a discount on all their tea.

My new favorite tea is the Capital Teas Organic Yoga Tea. It’s not caffeinated and tastes like cinnamon with a little ginger and a lot of calm.

What is a better combination than tea and honey? Or honey and bears? Or Yoga Tea and bears haha – Yogi Bear fans…anyone?

This recipe CAN be used with any tea. Tea is great for many things depending on the tea, and the gelatin required to make them is good for not only strengthening hair and nails, but for things like digestion, tightening the skin, and strengthening joints. It does come from animals so make sure you read your labels to find out if it is grass fed. I can recommend Great Lakes or Vital Protein gelatin brands.

Tea and Honey Bears

Takes: about 30 minutes

Makes: 1 cup of gummies

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  • 1 serving of tea (enough to make a mug full/1 cup of tea)
  • 2 tbs honey
  • 3 tbs gelatin
  • Gummy bear silicon mold like this one. 

This really is a very simple recipe. You’ll want to start by steeping your tea in 1 cup of hot water (209° F to be exact) for 10 minutes.

Next, add the freshly brewed tea and honey to a pot on the stove set to medium to low. Stir in gelatin 1 tsp at a time with a whisk. Once the gelatin is dissolved it should be a very smooth consistency similar to a thick broth. If there are bubbles that’s totally okay…who doesn’t love bubbles?




Now that everything is mixed and dissolved, take off heat and use a dropper to fill the gummy bear molds.


Place in freezer for 25 minutes. They should very easily pop out of the mold once they’re cold. Store in refrigerator.


*If buying a gummy bear mold is not for you then try spreading coconut oil over a glass dish and cutting out cubes or shapes with cookie cutters!






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