Apple Banana Walnut Bread

This recipe is basically self explanatory. The theory behind this banana bread was to create a baked good without adding any cane sugar at all. I have been trying very hard to CHILL with the cane sugar this summer more actively than any other time in my life. Ever since I finished my first Whole 30 this June of 2017 I realized how much sugar is packed into foods! I don’t even eat processed foods that much but what I was eating that wasn’t homemade unfortunately had sugar in it in many cases!

With the low sugar thing in mind I wanted to make a bread that was sweet but not over the top in either actual sugar nor sweet taste. What I came up with still absolutely has sugar because it has the fructose (fruit sugar) that is naturally occurring in the bananas and unsweetened apple sauce but I really don’t feel all that bad about it because it’s my attempt to stop eating so much processed yucky for you sugar and at least take a major step in a much healthier direction.

Basically, this recipe is Paleo because I am about 85-90% Paleo. This is the first time I am being completely open about this label. Yes, I eat bread sometimes and if I do I prefer a non gluten recipe because it’s been helping clear up my skin, not because gluten hurts my stomach at all or anything. Clear skin is a good enough reason to have a specific diet (except for certain occasions) in my opinion. ANYWAYS this recipe is gluten and cane sugar free but using good ol’ wheat or white flour is totally cool if that’s what works best for you! 

banana bread2


Apple Banana Walnut Bread

Makes: 1 regular bread loaf or 6 mini loafs

Takes: 1 hour 15 minutes

Special tools: Your favorite bread pan or muffin tin, and mixer


2 eggs
1/2 cup unsweetened apple sauce
1 tsp vanilla extract
1/2 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp pink sea salt
3 medium ripe bananas
1 1/2 garbanzo bean flour
1/2 cup walnuts (can substitute for chocolate chunks)

Preheat your oven to 350°F

banana bread 3

Peel the bananas and place into your mixing bowl. It is a good idea to break them apart into roughly 2 inch chunks. Pour the apple sauce and break the eggs into the bowl and mix until everything is smoothed together with an even consistency.

Mix the vanilla, cinnamon, and salt into the mixture followed by the flour and walnuts. It is important to try to sift through the flour either with a sifter or by mixing it up well with a fork to break up any clumps, however if you’re in a hurry you will be fine if you skip this step. The end consistency should be similar to mashed potatoes – not runny but not incredibly thick either.

The pan I used was a mini bread loaf pan but I have used a muffin tin or on regular sized bread pan before and it all works just as well. Provide your pan with a thin layer of your favorite non-stick method, and bake for at least 40 minutes or until the top and edges are golden brown.

These are best served warm with ghee or butter spread on top – and even better served with coffee.

Happy baking & cheers for making the healthier choice,



3 Replies to “Apple Banana Walnut Bread”

  1. This sounds so good! Definitely gonna try this; I have a vegan banana bread recipe that’s my go-to, but it does have a lot of sugar.


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