What Are Coffee Eyes?

Why name your blog Hey Coffee Eyes? What even does that mean?

Coffee Eyes is the name of a song by The Wonder Years actually. I love that song. “Coffee eyes” are basically a set of eyes that are tired and belong to someone who has been working their buns off to just do whatever it is that they need to do. Coffee eyes are eyes staring out into the world (while having your morning cup) looking at its flaws and its beauty and its weirdness. I’m BIG on having a morning routine and having a cup of coffee is almost always involved. Making coffee was, I guess, the first recipe I taught myself and it got me into the kitchen. Now I like to think I know my way around the kitchen well enough to start writing about my times well spent in there.


Who the heck are you?

I am many things. I am a wife to a husband who supports the bananas out of me. I am a student studying Public Health so that I can save the world one day from things that make the world an unhealthy place. I am also @coffeeeyes__ .